Thursday, August 27, 2009

Weddings Are a Circus

OK, this is my first ever wedding post and I admit it scares me a bit to even talk about weddings.  Unlike most of my friends who are all a twitter with premarital bliss, I am terrified of tying that big old metaphorical knot.  It doesn't help that the only person I've ever really considered it with is now completely out of my life and yeh, we did a bit more than consider, there was a ring involved.  But this wedding is tugging at my stone cold heart strings.  I adore the circus theme.  And the couple is cute as can be.  Her dress is super short and has the cutest little blue petticoat under it, it also showcases a lovely tattoo on her back.  
They even have this gorgeous old blue truck that they did pictures with, how lovely!  Personally, I don't know if I'll ever get married, but if I did this is how I would want it to be, a true celebration.  Weddings are inherently stressful and that's what I hate about them.  All I would really want was a beautiful day with my friends and my family to celebrate.  Not a big production with doves and limos and 45 bridesmaids.  Just a simple outdoor party, with lots of freaking fairy lights.
Seriously, check out this dance floor, I'm swooning!  As you all know I'm in love with the vintage aesthetic and this fits the bill perfectly.  I do believe that were I to get married, trying to have it be eco friendly would also be very important to me.  
Finally, these dresses are absolutely lovely.  I never would have thought of these colors but how gorgeous do they look!  I also love that they have rock candy as a treat.  So what about you?  Do you want to get married?  Are you engaged?  What do you want for your wedding?  Big cake and the dress and the whole nine yards (no judgement, it just isn't me)?  Or are you an elope or run off to vegas kinda girl?  Let me know!

P.S. See the rest of the photos here!


  1. haha, yes! emily blunt is the lucky gal.

    as far as weddings...
    after having attended 5 of my cousins weddings this year alone, it really had me thinking about the whole aspect of weddings a lot.
    i have definitely decided that i am not the kind of girl to have a traditional wedding. i, like you, want something unique and out the ordinary. something simple, something beautiful, something i can look back on and say, "yeah, i did that right and i loved it!"

    love these pics, by the way!

  2. i love the dance floor- you're right: totally swoon-worthy!

    i'm getting married in less than a month (YIKES!) and we're trying to make it as personal and low-key as possible. one of my girlfriends designed the invites, another is playing the harp at the ceremony, etc.