Monday, August 17, 2009

High School!

So my high school post from a little while back got me a bit nostalgic so I got to digging around in my old pics from way back when and I thought I would share a few with you just for giggles.  The one above is of my sister and I on our trip to London when I was 17.  We lived in London as kids, she lives in Ireland now, and this trip was an amazing experience.  This pic was taken around 2 in the afternoon when we were just waking up after a night of show hopping and band following.  This was also the trip when my sister got her first tattoo and I got my nose pierced and my mother nearly killed us.  Ahhhh teenage rebellion.
This is a pic of me and my good friend Dan.  We dated for a little while but it never clicked like that and we ended up really good friends.  This was the first day of my first internship and some friends and I got together at lunch for a little good luck celebration.  You can't see it but I'm all decked out in my converse and my mom's old white belt and the T shirt I have on is my friend's band t shirt which I'm pretty sure I still have somewhere.
This is me and my best friend.  Sadly we no longer speak after a very bad experience living together our freshman year but she was my best friend from the time I was 5 all the way through the end of high school.  I believe this is one of the many nights she waltzed into my house unannounced to borrow something.  I would frequently come downstairs to find Brit sitting at the table with my family eating dinner.  When my grandparents came to stay with us while my parents were in Paris this came as quite a shock to them.  My mother had forgotten to warn them not to be alarmed should some strange teenager walk into the house without knocking.
This is me and Dan at his house before his senior gala.  I must have about 800 of these pictures.  His parents were so adorably excited about taking pictures of us before his big night.  Don't we look so wholesome and all American?  
This is me in the back seat of Dan's car after a Deep Purple concert the summer before my senior year.  Sadly you can't see it but what I'm wearing on my head is what was lovingly referred to as the "drunk" hat.  It made the rounds all summer and was given to the person of the night who did or said the most ridiculous drunk thing or was just simply the drunkest.  I believe I earned it this night for loudly explaining to the group that the stars were singing to me.

OK, now it's your turn to dig up some old high school photos, embarrass yourself a little and share.  You know you want to!

What I'm Listening To:

The Transatlanticism album by Death Cab for Cutie (oh high school!)


  1. I wish I was as stylish as you were in high school! I will definitely NOT be showing my high school pics on my blog.

  2. Awh those pictures are all so cute!

    Oh and thanks for commenting on Diamond in the Rough ...I'm not a Narnia fan myself, but the rest of world seems to love it and lots of people count it as one of the best things in their childhood!

  3. Oh believe me, I wasn't that fashionable. But I was certainly willing to try new things. I will also admit to at one point owning a shirt that said save a horse ride a cowboy, I will not be showing those pictures.