Thursday, August 13, 2009

Thou Shalt Not Covet: J. Crew

OK, now I haven't shopped at J.Crew in years. And not just because their prices make me cringe so the last time I saw their wares was maybe 2 years ago. I'm not saying I'm going to run out and drop my hard earned(or borrowed) pennies on some J.Crew goodies but I am saying if you have the means their Fall line is looking pretty lovely. This denim shirt is gorgeous and I will admit I have been looking for one everywhere since seeing the tiny and adorably tough Jenny Lewis wearing one tucked into her high waisted denim cut offs at the 4th of July show.
Oh the perfect round toed, stack heeled, black boots, I have hunted for them everywhere to no avail. These, were I willing to spend the $200, would be perfect.
Hello lovely little oxfords, how cute you would look with my winter wool skirts and wooly tights.
The perfect baby ballet pink ballet flats. You(or I if I had cash moneys) could wear them with everything from dresses to skirts to jeans. Personally I see them playing down the toughness of a pair of skinny black jeans and a leather jacket, sort of a rock and roll ballerina look.
Skinny. Cropped. Corduroys. Be still my heart.


  1. i've never really felt the love for j. Crew. too simple and too expensive.

  2. wow, love it. i want one of everything :)

  3. I only really wore J. Crew when I was in boarding school, I know, how cliche. But we weren't allowed to wear jeans to class and our shirts had to have collars, J. Crew was usually a more interesting option than chinos and a white polo. Since then however I don't think I've even been in the store. They do always have lovely shoes though.