Thursday, August 20, 2009

Current Obbsesion

I finally bit the bullet and bought these jeans that I've been lusting after for 2 months.  Yes, I created like eight polyvore sets with them in mind.  They just seemed to fit so perfectly into my fall wardrobe.  They are from American Eagle(I know I'm obsessed) and they are deliciously stretchy.  Which means they are perfect for early morning classes where all I want to do is curl up with my coffee and try and stay awake.  The above outfit would be perfect for class, getting coffee, going to a casual dinner and even going to a show.  I'm hoping my loving mommy will buy me a new pair of cons for Christmas cause mine are looking a bit beyond repair.

This obviously is exactly what I will be wearing to class.  I'm looking to thrift some great plaid shirts for the coming season, I've got those exact boots and don't I wish I had that delicious leather backpack!  Also how sweet is that necklace?
Ahhh, my inner rock star, this outfit is really just a fantasty since even if I could afford those boots I doubt i would never have the metaphorical balls to wear them.  Never the less, it looks hot.

Lounging in the park with my man and my little dog.  The park I live on is lovely in the fall with everyone out after work with their beer and their dogs hanging out and talking.  The shirt is actually a boys shirt from AE but I'm sure it comes big enough right???  Oh and yes I know the La Perla lingerie is totally in my imagination.  I am by the way lusting after that ring


  1. cute jeans, minnetonkas, and awesome underwear! i like where you're going with this :)

  2. ooo I love it all! I thrifted a men's flannel last year for about $10 and wore it to death- they are so very awesome and versatile. Oh and over-the-knee boots- I'm totally all over them. I've been hemming and hawing about a Jeffrey Campbell pair for months now... must bite the bullet.
    Have a wonderful weekend, Ace!!!

  3. Oooh if you do please tell me if you love them/actually wear them. You girls are so much more stylishly adventurous than I am though. I stick to my jeans and t shirts and my vintage dresses. Though I must say, I'm wearing my vintage red polka dotted Betsy Johnson dress and I feel quite adorable.

  4. They're fabulously versatile! Love the red chucks!