Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Dorm Room Garden

So, it has occurred to me that a few of my lovely readers are heading off to college so I decided to do a small post with more or less a college theme.  This my friends is about dorm(or itty bitty apartment) gardening.  I stumbled across a post on survivingcollege.com(a great resource by the way) about gardening in your dorm.  I love to garden, granted, I'm not great at it however it is soothing, good for the soul and great for your kitchen.  Personally I have a small garden on my back porch as well as some bits here and there on my front porch.  I also keep a bunch of potted herbs and flowers in my kitchen window(which I hope have survived my absence this summer).  Gardening indoors isn't as difficult as you might think.  You have a plethora of options from a simple potted flower or a crawling vine to hang in your window.  Terrariums are also easy to take care of and quite fun to look at.  There's also this cool idea which I believe came from the good folks at Apartment Therapy, how sweet is this?  This would be perfect for someone with just a little bit of outdoor space.

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  1. mm i love having fresh herbs around. hopefully my next place will be suitable for micro-gardening..