Wednesday, August 19, 2009

God Damnit Zooey!

I thought that after my disappointment at 500 Days of Summer perhaps Zooey and I had drifted apart(as others have mentioned).  Side note, I am not saying I hated the movie, just that it made me very sad.  Then she brilliantly comes out with this little number and melts my heart all over again.  I love this bizarrly adorable little dance number between her and Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

Also, she is still making me covet that pretty, shiny dark hair with the big bangs and bigger blue eyes.  Plus, I love me some jazz hands, who doesn't?
P.S.  Who knew JGL could do back flips?!


  1. Aww, the movie probably made me like her more just because she's so cute and well-dressed (I'm sure she had lots of influence with the stylists!) and a good actress. But, ooh, the screenwriters of that movie? They're the ones I've got beef with!

  2. Thanks for the linkage!

    Have you seen them act out the breakup scene dressed up as Sid and Nancy? JG-L in a blond wig is just as adorable as JG-L in... anything else.

    Love the blog!

  3. Aww thanks hun! That video is ridiculous! That hair!

  4. hahaha! i love it~! i'm so glad you posted it here :)