Friday, August 14, 2009

Ink Love: For the Birds

Birds seem to be a popular tattoo choice these days, and there are so many forms of bird tattoos.  I think this one is just lovely, so simple.  Again I love how they look as if they've just always been there.  Also, her lips are gorgeous!
Here's another group of small birds circling the wrist, it's so subtle.  I personally wouldn't get a bird tattoo but I think that they look really lovely on these girls.
This one is a favourite of mine.  I love the symbolism of the empty bird cage and the placement of the bird really high lights her lovely shoulders.  I also love that it is the only tattoo on her back, it really lets it shine.


  1. These are so pretty!
    If I got a tattoo I think I would get one like the lady in the first photo.
    Beautiful photos.
    Love this post!
    Beth xx

  2. ooh, so pretty. your posts are making me REALLY want a tattoo..