Thursday, June 18, 2009

Well Meaning Chaos

If there is one thing I have learned to love and appreciate from my artist roommates it is a little well meaning chaos.  I will admit it, my name is Ace and I am a neat freak( Hi Ace).  I haven't always been but over the past few years it has gotten worse.  It's generally a response to stress and frankly, college can be pretty damn stressful.  Living in a house full of artists, one can not be a neat freak.  This is not to say I'm not clean, I am, but I have learned to accept a little bit of chaos as a welcome part of my life.  The photos above and below are a good example of how a little crazy can work together and be just lovely.  OK, so there's dishes in my sink and my floor is far from perfectly shiny but that's ok cause I'm happy, I'm having fun and I'm enjoying life.  
We all get so wrapped up in being perfectionists sometimes that I think we forget to just let go and enjoy the world around us.  Go on, smell the roses, who cares if they're covered in dirt?

What I'm Listening To:

Little Secret- Passion Pit

P.S.  How much you want to bet that half of the stuff in those pics is second hand, don't forget, going green is good for the soul!


  1. yeah i can't stand chaos. i need my home to feel calming with everything in its place. my guy is the opposite, he could care less about mess, so it's a push and pull kind of thing where i try to be okay with things being messy for a while but if it builds up to too much i go crazy and need to clean.

  2. ahh, something i need to learn as well!

  3. Cath and more of a neat freak than me- and I tend to be artier- but I do get stressed if things are dirty. Messy is fine, dirty not so much. Love the inspiration photo... I think I have it in my inspiration folder ;)

  4. I totally agree, a bit of mess if fine, but I do need things to be clean. Especially my kitchen and my bathroom. My boyfriend is a bit of a mess but I think with me gone this summer he's beginning to appreciate what it means to have a clean house.