Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Penny Saver: Read A Book

So, here's the thing, Halsey Kingdom doesn't have cable.  Or even TV's for that matter.  And while this was a bit odd to get used to at first, I do love me some SVU after work, it has turned out to be rather a blessing.  Not having TV has allowed me to rediscover long forgotten hobbies, one of them being reading.  

Now, I have always loved reading, but it always came second to school and work and friends and sleep.  That doesn't leave much time for reading.  Add in the ever present distraction of the likes of David Boreanez on Bones and frankly, I'll see you on the couch.  But now, sans TV, I am enjoying all the joys of getting lost in a book.  My mother was kind enough to order me a number of books from amazon and send a few of her own so I'm moving through them at an enjoyable speed.  

The other great thing about reading, besides the mind expanding, it's free!  Reading doesn't ask you to pay a bill to entertain you and with places like amazon or used book stores you can buy books dirt cheap.  Or, you can go old school and head over to the library, ahh the smell of old  books.  Don't forget trading books with your friends too, my room more or less functions as the Halsey Kingdom library.

What I'm Reading:

Outlander- Diana Gabaldon (My mom fav book, it's a bit of a cheesy romance novel :)


  1. yes i need to learn to make time to read :) i just bought "everything is illuminated" this past weekend; i'm so excited to start it! thanks for the reminder!

  2. Yes, I adore the smell of old books...and new books. :)

    Reading can be so great! I'm glad you are enjoying it.

  3. Sometimes I seriously wish I didn't have a computer (or Internet) because I would read soooo much. I need to try to make more time for it in my life!


  4. i love trading and sharing books! my copy of dear diary has been in the hands of all of my friends and i learned about the amazingness that is perks of being a wallflower from a friend when she loaned in to me as part of a birthday present.

  5. Cath and I haven't owned a TV in three years- but that's not because we are high and mighty and wouldn't let our intelligence stoop towards television--- oh no,no,no- we manage to take full advantage of hulu, netflix, and a library full of dvds (Bones, season 1 included ;).
    That said, I'm also an avid reader and have to read before I sleep (it's my valium/sleeping pills).

    I'm currently reading "The Man who Loved Jane Austen" (cheese at it's best) and just finished "Ahab's Wife" (really good- I highly recommend it).

  6. its amazing how much more you have to talk about when you start reading, isn't it? i'm currently reading a book about the skull and bones secret society (non fiction) and 'the time traveler's wife' (so good!). i just finished simon doonan's 'nasty' which was very funny (very much in the same vein as dave sedaris).

  7. The Time Travelers Wife is my moms favourite book, thats definitely on my reading list this summer along with the works of Poe, Lolita and the book true blood is based on. I know, random, but variety is the spice of life.