Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Get Down In Your Skivvies!

You're going to think I'm crazy...but I'm going to tell you anyway.  My roommates and I threw a party this past weekend for two of their Bday's.  It was a lingerie party.  Now, now, before you go thinking I live in a frat house, my lingerie parties are very different from your typical sorority sisters in vickies secret taking jello shots.  Back in Boston a good friend of mine threw an annual lingerie party and while it was always an insane event it was also a really amazing gathering of people.  I met one of my closest friends at just such a party and these parties were so well known we had people who came in from as far as Texas and Florida to be a part of it.  

My lingerie parties aren't about who looks the hottest or who gets laid.  Everyone wears silly outfits or outfits they feel express who they are.  I wore pin up style high waisted panties, my roommate had on a ridiculous teddy that had a picture of a deer sewn to it, my other roommate had on superman underwear, basically, it's about laughing at yourself a bit. We invited a bunch of friends, mostly gay guys but hey that's who we know, and bought some booze, decorated and waited for the madness to ensue.  

And let me tell you, it was insane, and amazing.  I made some really great new friends, played mostly nude twister, sat on the roof in my underwear with 20 people I had just met and at the end of the night we had a room full of barely clothed artists having a jam session and everyone singing along.  The great thing about being, well, exposed is you're forced to get over your hang-ups and just get to know people.  I mean, you're all naked, there's no being shy.  Also, crazy underwear makes for a great conversation starter, come on, you know you're looking anyways.

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