Monday, June 15, 2009

Laundry Day

I have got to do laundry!  I mean, I really have to do laundry. I haven't done it since I moved here!  And yes, I'm aware that me doing laundry doesn't usually look like this.  Generally I'm more clothed and realistically, I'm in sweatpants.  But I'm also taking this laundry griping oppurtunity to share with you the new Forever21 lingerie line which I am quite in love with. 
Like I said, I haven't done laundry in awhile, and while I've got lots of clothes, my underwear supply was running dangerously low.  So I did what any sensible New Yorker would do, I popped into Forever21 and bought more!  

And let me just tell you, the selection, though rather picked over, is quite adorable!  And at 3 for $10 pretty darn reasonable too.  

So while I'm sitting in my ratty sweatpants tonight, reading and doing my laundry why don't you go buy yourself some pretty little lovlies?  You know you want to and come on, who doesn't love new underwear?

1 comment:

  1. i actually bought some stuff from them this past saturday! i don't see them in the pictures but i was super impressed-- even their bras fit well!