Wednesday, June 17, 2009

This Week In Etsy

I am going to break down soon, must shop!  My loan needs to come through cause I deserve something lovely right about now and I think this piece of lovely is it.  My birthday by the way is March 25th and if you care to purchase this form me I will not say no to an early b-day present.  Did I mention it's a locket?  Swoon!
Oh navy blue polka dots, how I love you.  How nice and breezy does this look?
OK, so this is the back of this little 70's sundress.  It's actually a wrap skirt with a top that buttons on, cute!
A lovely vintage 40's chiffon floral dress.  I can see it with chunky knits for the fall.
Mmmm more polka dots.  I can channel my inner fifties receptionist at the office with this.
Finally, if I were to get married, and I'm not holding my breath, I would do it in this.  A lovely blue dress with some of the most marvelous details I have seen in a long time.  Now, don't go stealing my dream dress from me.

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