Monday, June 8, 2009


I get kinda down.  Today is one of those days.  I'm getting sick of rainy New York and need a little sun.  I'm also a little concerned about how much I love NYC and the fact that due to owning a rather needy restaurant in Boston my boyfriend is rather permanently there.  I still have a year before graduation but you know how fast those things go.  Once that's up I have to make grown up decisions about what I'm going to do and where I'm going to be.  I could work in Boston, but the ceiling is pretty low there and there isn't a lot of what I want to do.  The reality is I have always wanted to be living in New York and now that I'm here not only do I know that I can do it but I know that I love it.  Have any of you of been in a situation like this, are you now?  What did you do?  Career or love?  Isn't that what we're always asking ourselves?

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Sweet Carolina- Ryan Adams


  1. Oh my gosh, yes! Cath and I both wanted to live in New York since the 9th grade, and somehow we keep getting side-tracked. And now we are pretty much Southern/Atlanta/Decatur girls (with bfs who own houses here, etc.), and now not only do I want to still live in NYC, but my dream would be London. I have no idea how to make it all work! But I have noticed that things seem to work themselves out (I know that sounds supah cheesy! But they do). Often the less I try to wrangle something to be how I need it, the easier it is- other optiones turn up, etc. Hope your Monday turns sunnier! The Monday blahs/blues/reds are yuck, but as our Scarlet used to say (haha), "tomorrow is another day!"

    ps- if you need a rainy weather break, come down to the ATL ;) We promise heat, sun (only a little rain) and humidity... oh and really good food for cheap!

  2. Ahh that sounds lovely! My eventual goal is to go back to London as well, since it's where I spent part of my childhood. Also my sister and my niece live in Ireland so being closer to them would be a big plus. It's funny how I never thought that I would get to graduation now all the sudden I'm not even there and it seems like I have to have everything figured out.

    You and Cath are always welcome to come visit me in the big city(or the slightly smaller one should you find your way to Boston) and I will definitely take you up on a trip to the ATL at some point. Mint Juleps and southern food sound amazing right about now. The other morning I had the most glorious shrimp and grits, I hadn't had that in forever. God love high calorie southern food.

  3. Oh lord!!! You grew up in London?! Cath and I are super jealous Anglophiles ;)

    We are actually hoping to make it to Brooklyn in the fall- we'll let you know how the plans come along.

    pst! We left you an award on our blog!

  4. Buck up darling...but yes we all have these days. Had one yesterday, moped in the Park. Id say stay in NYC if you love it here... Boston is fairly close and until you are engaged or something, just enjoy your Manhattan days:)...I grew up in Boston and love it... but nothing beats the big apple!

  5. It's so true, I just love it here. I love Boston too, but New York just feels so right. One way or another I have another year in Boston before I graduate so who knows what will happen in that time. I just need to remember to breathe. Thanks so much for your support guys!