Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Snip Its

It is becoming apparent that I need a haircut.  My last one didn't go so well and as a result I have been trimming my own bangs rather poorly.  I have various inspirations, all obviously with bangs, but now I'm just terrified to get it cut!  But I have decided to share my inspiration with you.  Obviously the marvelous Zooey is at the top of the list.  Her hair is a bit longer than mine but it's so chic and adorable!
Kate is obviously an inspiration in most parts of life, minus the coke habit.  Her simple layered cut with bangs is glorious and the right amount of chic and rock and roll.
I found this by googling bangs and I think its lovely.  Yeh, the bangs are a bit in the eyes but its that same layering and bangs that I like.
Finally there's this, sadly you can't see much of the cut but it looks fun and heavy on layers.  Then again sometimes I just want to give it up and chop it all off like this...Though, this girl has fabulous hair as well.  How come my bangs never look that good?  What are your thoughts?


  1. My boyfriend's stepmother is a hairdresser and taught me how to trim my bangs:

    1) Separate bangs as though you had a center part running all the way through (i.e., in two equal halves)

    2) Take one half(side) of your bangs between your middle and index fingers and cut along the layered angle. Repeat with other side.

    3) To make them look layered, take each side between your fingers and cut straight up into the hair. This creates slightly different lengths.

    Does that make sense? Good luck! :)

  2. Bangs are just weird. Cath has bangs and looks great, I got bangs and looked like a limp shag carpet- that's not supposed to happen when you are identical twins! But that said, I think you will go the way of Cath and look smashing in your new cut. Was it the stylist who you had last time? Cath and a few go 'rounds with some chop-happy hair cutters before she found the perfect one. Let us know how it goes!

  3. It was the stylist, that said, she is a truly lovely person. But I got my hair cut by her twice and neither went well. She razored my hair and my hair became a mess of split ends and poof almost instantly. She also cut my bangs much too blunt and heavy. However, she is good friends with many of my friends and even cuts my stylish friend Mo's hair, which looks lovely. Maybe it's just me. I'm very particular about my hair and have had the same stylist since I was 7. Driving back to Albany every time I need a trim though is sadly becoming expensive and I no loner have a house to stay in there.