Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Funny Face

What is it about pretty girls making funny faces?  There is nothing quite so charming as a pretty girl who can laugh at herself.  The above pic of Daisy Lowe is just adorable!
This pic I'm sure you're all familiar with as it is from the W magazine shoot and was taken by none other than Mr. Brad Pitt.  What you probably don't know, ok, maybe you do, is that I adore Angelina Jolie.  I think she is just lovely and pics like this remind me that not only is she lovely, but she's also human.  It's nice to remember that gorgeous celebs are still just people at the end of the day.  Funny faces and all.

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  1. aw that is sweet. i think it's really cool how brad pitt shot all those mundane photographs of his glamourous family!