Monday, June 8, 2009

Thou Shalt No Covet: K-Mart?

OK, bare with me.  Yesterday I hobbled in K-mart in the lower east side to purchase much needed Band-Aids when to my surprise, BLAM, cute clothes.  Nada in my size so I hobbled back out, but I was intrigued.  Behold the K-Mart website and the wealth of unexpected treasures I found on it.  This adorable top, which comes in two other adorable colors, is only $14.  Yeh 1-4.  And it's precious!

Holy Bob.  This dress is too cute.  I was going to spend a hard earned $60 on a too cute urban outfitters red, white and blue dress for the 4th but only $17 this one is too cute to pass up.
The multi patterned stars are so sweet.  And how cute will it look with a braided belt and the shoes at the bottom?
Seriously?  I don't have any words for this, "strawberry dress".  Though as I am currently eating a strawberry tarte I think it would be totally appropriate for me to be wearing it.
That pattern!  I want to run through fields and climb trees in this dress!  $17 guys, $17!K-Mart sells rompers?  Really?  This one is so simple and chic.  You could wear it anywhere. The beach, shopping, lunch, brunch, dinner, barbeques, drinks, to museums, in parks, to go to K-Mart and buy everything else! And it's $14!Finally, the shoes that go with every single thing on this little shopping list.  Simple, chic, and $10.

The total for all these goodies, a scant $75 plus shipping(maybe it's free?).  That's 3 dresses, one romper, one top and a pair of shoes for $75.  That's amazing!


  1. Whaaaa??? Oh lordie! I am soo checking this out! I. Want. That. Romper! Amazing finds, Ace ;) I can totally afford these and my refurbished macbook pro (if only K-mart did cheap Apple products... oh to dream).

  2. oh my gosh, awesome. i had noticed some of their basic shorts awhile ago but these pieces are completely fashion-forward. i'm getting that strawberry dress!

  3. I honestly can't believe those are from K-mart! You are right, it looks like UO! That romper is so precious, that I'm heading to their online store asap. Thanks for the heads up!