Friday, July 24, 2009

Weird Obsession

Behold, the almighty couch.  It is the centerpiece of our homes, it says, come, sit, drink hot buttered rum with me.  At least that's what mine says.  Maybe yours prefers wine, but my couch and its faux fur throw blanket beckon you with temptingly warm drinks.  Now, this is my weird obsession, I love, seriously love, velvet couches. 
I know it's a weird thing to be obsessed with but it's true.  My love of a coffee shop is largely based on the presence of a large, slightly worn velvet couch in some sort of unexpected color.  See the above picture, perfect.  
My couch at home is a warm beige color which hides a multitude of sins and is, yes, velvet.  I wish I had had the guts(and a less picky boyfriend) so I could have gone with something a bit more out there like this lovely pink one or the amazing piece of upholstered sexiness below, but none the less my couch is warm, fuzzy and inviting.  By the way, if I were rich I would buy that pink couch just to sit on and eat cupcakes while dressed as Marie Antoinette.
It may seem an odd thing to be so hopelessly devoted to upholstery, but I can't get enough of the soft feel and the inherent glamour.
What can I say?  Maybe I was Liberace in a former life.  What about you guys?  Do you have one piece of furniture or texture or color for your home that you just can't get enough of?Something that's your thing, your signature?


  1. no way-- those couches are amazing. especially the orange one!

  2. i love suede couches! mine is cranberry red and one of my gfs has a gorgeous robin's egg blue one.

  3. My Nonnie had an off white velvet beauty when I was growing up and I thought it was soooooooooo glam. Still do!