Saturday, July 25, 2009

Blog Du Jour: Turned Out

I stumbled upon this blog via the lovely Kennedy's blog Lay Me In Some Tall Grass and I fell in love with the individual outfit posts.  We share a love of stripes, unkempt hair and bangs.  Seriously, how lovely is the outfit above?  The jeans were even stolen from an ex, how appropriate!

This girl combines many of my favourite things, stripes, a hate, lovely light brown hair and an adorable smile.  Don't you just want to be her friend?
This is a perfect late Fall outfit.  I love the oversized sweater with the sweet plaid sticking out underneath, the warm wooly tights and the perfect wintery boots.
How quintessentially American(or maybe it's just the flag) but this girl's little black dress and simple denim jacket seem so summer appropriate and so classic.

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