Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Show Girl

So for the fourth of July I did something truly American and wen to see a free show in Battery Park.  What free show you ask?  Why none other than the lovely Miss Jenny Lewis and the one and only Conor Oberst who performed with the Mystic Valley Band(great band name).  It was an awesome show.  It was out on the open lawn which was really nice and there were tons of people having picnics.  Jenny was amazing though seemed a bit melancholy.  It is amazing how her voice has matured and gotten more gravelly since starting with Rilo Kiley all those years ago.  She also is about the cutest person ever.  

I already had the Outer South CD but I was intrigued to hear Conor and his band live since I assumed that was how their sound was really meant to be heard, and I was right.  They were phenomenal.  Conor was totally on, and sporting a pretty crazy, huge black hat.  Sadly my delightful roommate who was kind enough to accompany me didn't quite get what he referred to as cowboy music.  Though I suppose the joy of country music and the fourth of july is understandably lost on him, he is from Belgium after all.  

None the less we had a wonderful time and headed back to the Kingdom after the show for drinks on the roof and later to a party at a friends apartment.  All in all it was a lovely weekend(except for the hangover the next day), how was your fourth?


  1. i didn't see any fireworks - just small bbq at home and then late night drinks with friends. all in all a good night. is conor oberst's new band really country? i somehow can't believe it but am intrigued.

  2. that sounds really nice :) i went to a beach for a little while and watched fireworks with some gin and tonic.

  3. It is indeed country, it's like if Bright Eyes were blue grass and wore big hats. I think it's great. Rebecca that sounds lovely, I adore beaches, gin and tonic and certainly fireworks. Color me jealous.

  4. What a delightful way to spend the fourth! I lurve Jenny Lewis. I saw her live during the winter and she was a firecracker on stage. I was almost taken aback because I expected something a little more mellow- but it was awesome. Glad you had such a good one!