Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Kitty Bear Stays: A Little Piece of Paris In Brooklyn

Ok, I want this apartment.  I will admit to occasionally trolling craigslist just for fun, just to see what nice places are out there and this morning over my lovely cup of coffee was just one of those occasions.  Then BAM, I found this. OK OK, I know it's not the nicest place ever, it could use some TLC.  But look at those chandeliers!!!!!!!  
It's a studio, not far from where I live now but much closer to my favourite cafe, bonus!  I love the hardwood floors, though they admit-ably need polishing.  I also love the nook by the window, can't you just see a cute little window seat there?  And guess what, I've already got the perfect one.  Also, yeh, that's a fireplace, I can just imagine me curled up on a  rug with hot cider, lots of pillows, a sexy man and a good book.  OK Ok, maybe one or the other.  Also, can I point out that pressed tin 15 foot high ceiling??  How lovely is that?  It's a studio, so it would be cozy, but for just me and my little furry companions it would be perfect.  Add to that the fact that it accepts said furry companions and I'm in fixer up heaven.  

This is how I imagine my lovely apartment with all of my favourite things in it, in no particular order.  Of course there would be lots of cupcakes and pretty lingerie and a lovely red fainting couch and for whatever reason a peacock broach.  So, my question is, is anyone looking to place hold my apartment for me for the next year?  Hmmmm, takers?


  1. i would if i could-- it sounds fabulous!

  2. this truly is beautiful. the wood looks so warm! xo

  3. Thank you! I know, it's so lovely, and still isn't rented. I'm terribly upset to be moving back to Boston and giving up this gorgeous place.