Friday, July 31, 2009

Penny Saver: Little Luxuries

OK, this isn't really a Penny Saver per say.  But at the same time it is.  This is about your little luxuries, the little things you splurge on that you know you love and in the end stop you from buying 10 cheap things that maybe you don't love.  My little luxuries are as follows...

Burberry Brit Perfume: I love the subtle vanilla scent, I wear it all fall and winter and it always makes me smile.

Fresh Cosmetics Gloss Absolute:  At $25 for an itty bitty bit this is a big splurge, but I hate lip gloss and this is the only one I will actually wear.  Besides having gorgeous colors, they are the perfect non sticky texture, they are slightly plumping and they're moisturizing.  What more could I ask?

A glass(or bottle) of champagne every once in awhile.  My loving mother and I share an affliction.  Champagne addiction, every once in awhile when I've had a particularly bad day I will haul my tired self to the liquor store and pick up a bottle of reasonably priced but tasty champagne, personally I like Korbel.  I will then traipse on home, pop the cork, grab myself some form of chocolate and relax.  Since I don't do this very often I don't feel one bit guilty about watching chick flicks and downing a bottle of bubbly all by my lonesome.  Hey, I deserve it.


  1. ooh, i could use a glass of champagne right now. what a wonderful idea.

  2. That is precisely what I did last night, several in fact, with my girlfriends. And then we saw 500 Days of Summer, I'm still processing, not sure how I feel about the movie yet.

  3. i'm having some champagne (well prosecco actually) on the train ride upstate tonight!