Thursday, July 2, 2009


I want another tattoo.  I have two already.  I have a pair of aces on my ankle which I got the week of my high school graduation.  Ace was my middle and high school nick name, it seemed appropriate that I commemorate surviving high school with that symbol.  It also looks hot with heels and is a great conversation starter.  My second tattoo I got the Christmas eve before I started school in Boston.  I had just moved from NC where my fairytail beach life with my best friend had gone horribly awry and I needed to start over.  I chose an ancient latin saying "Fortune Favors the Bold" to curl around my wrist like a bracelet.  This tattoo has several meanings to me.  It was about surviving a failed dream but also pursuing a new one.  When I moved to Boston I switched from an English major to music and made a commitment to a career I knew would not always be easy but that I was passionate about.  The placement of the tattoo around my wrist was very much an eff you to the mother who called visible tattoos job ruiners.  It was my promise to myself that whatever job I got it would accept me, ink and all.This brings us to my next tattoo.  Moving to NYC has been a rather epic moment in my life.  From the first time I remember stepping foot in Times Square at the age of 8 I knew that this was where I was supposed to be.  I have at last achieved a life time goal and I am loving it.  It makes it seem as if all the things that I've gone through in the past few years, not all good, have been worth it.  With that in mind, I want to commemorate this amazing summer with a piece of body art.  I am toying with doing the outline of the NYC skyline on my back left shoulder.  It would be similar to the above picture but it would be only the top line and it would not be so angular.  I've had some negative responses to the idea, cheesy, I would look like a post card, etc.  But it's my body, so if that's what I feel like, I'll do it.
I also really love the placement of this tattoo and the saying.  Moving to New York represented freedom and finding myself in a lot of ways.  Often I think of the placement of a tattoo before the actually image comes to me.
This one is not one I would get, I just thought it was lovely and creative and figured I would share.  Do you guys have tattoos?  Do you want one?  Got any great ideas for me?  Lay it on me!


  1. I vote the second one- I love a good quote and the inside of the arm is revealing and subtle somehow.

    Neither Cath and I have any ink. I always decided that if I did get a tattoo, it would have to be a sleeve. 0 to 60- hahaha.

  2. Haha, nice ladies. My ex was almost fully covered (I love a man with tattoos) so our tattoo guy was a good friend, we were even in his wedding! For now I'm doing a number of very small pieces as sort of life markers but eventually I would love to do a full back piece of a phoenix rising from flames, that would be my only color piece. Who knows though, I change my mind often, it takes me a long time to commit to a tattoo.

  3. oh I do love the third. I've never gotten one, though think about it occasionally. I just have a feeling that it wouldn't ever be just one - I'd be covered before I know it!

  4. 1) i live in NC!! i've lived outside of raleigh and currently in the mountains (although not this summer)

    2) i've always wanted a tattoo but can't figure out something really meaningful-- it's awesome that you have. good luck :)