Saturday, July 4, 2009

Right Now I Love: Camp Comfort Instant Outfits

OK, here I go, another obsession.  I'm sure you're all familiar with the lovely blog Camp Comfort, if you aren't why aren't you clicking on the link?  One of my favourite topics on her blog is her Instant Outfit posts.  They are always simple, comfortable and endlessly stylish.  I love the above one for a sweet fall date, maybe one with hot coco.  
This is exactly how I love to dress in the winter.  I hunted all last winter for the perfect vintage duck boots, sadly with no luck.  But doesn't this look just so cozy?  I could even manage to sit through my most boring classes if I was looking this cute and snuggly.
This outfit was for a thanksgiving dinner.  Don't you love the classic details of the sweater and the plaid skirt mixed with the punky studs on the moccasins?
How classic is this?  I love a classy pair of black ballet flats and you know how I feel about short high waisted shorts!
Finally, this lovely!  I love keds, as you well know, and I love the playfulness of this outfit.  This would be the perfect park outfit.  But it could also easily be dressed up.  The print of the dress is too cute, and I love the sunshiney yellow cardi.

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  1. those grey tights! she really is a master at putting outfits together.