Friday, July 17, 2009

If Only Polyvore Could Pack For Me

I'm not giving up! Sure, I have no mode of transportation to get to my parents lake house, but that doesn't mean I'm giving up. I'm having beautiful visions of me and my friends cracking open PBR's and wrapping blankets around our wet bathing suited selves while stoking a bonfire and enjoying tasty s'mores. I can see us jumping off the dock and shining sunny pictures taken by my photographer roommate. I can see us chasing my mom's golden retriever puppy through the park and mingling with the locals at dive bars and all American college boys at the Cornell bars. I certainly see us canoeing and kayaking out to one of the islands for a late afternoon picnic and some fishing. I see us playing monopoly in my parents cozy living room if it gets too rainy and basically being some sort of coming of age indie movie. It would be glorious.

Growing up my sister and I hated going to my parents lake house in the summer, it was usually as some form of punishment for whatever trouble we had gotten into that week. We generally spent our weekends there playing guitar and refusing to leave our room. The lake house is rather remote and because of this has rather unreliable internet, which means no real access to email or aim, cell phones also fall victim to the isolation of the lake house. As a teenager this was a place akin to hell as far as I could tell, but now I see the benefit of literally being able to disappear for a few days. But I think the biggest difference is being able to disappear with people I love. So, anyone got suggestions beyond hitching hiking(though hey, viable option) on how me and my 3 roommates could get to Ithaca?

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Caring is Creepy- The Shins


  1. biking? bus? rent a car? good luck :)

  2. Biking would take a long time lol. It's about a 4 hour drive. There are buses, but sadly they are very expensive and we're trying to save our pretty pennies :) Renting a car is also a bit pricey. But I have my ways, some friends with cars, my moms neighbor who works in the city. And of course mommy coming to visit and giving us a ride.