Thursday, July 23, 2009

Stripes on the Brain!

Apparently I'm not the only one who can'tstopthinking. about stripes!  I love stripes in tops, dresses, sweaters, you name it.  And of course, due to my recent French obsession I'm coveting cutesy french style everything and that my friend means stripes.  I love the nonchalance of french style, it's a bit messy but also endlessly chic and of course relies heavily on the ubiquitous striped shirt/dress.Could this outfit be any simpler?  Dark skinnies, loafers and a striped top and you look both polished and comfy.  One can't ignore the versatility of the perfect black and white striped dress either.  And you know which one I'm talking about, boatneck, skinny black and white stripes, slightly loose fit.  This one isn't loose but I think it's lovely none the less, and clearly versatile.  This one is lovely but sadly a bit out of my price range and this one of course is classic, and has pockets!


  1. so pretty. i wish i pulled off stripes that well!

  2. Perfect, perfect timing! I thrifted for the perfect Picasso stripped shirt the other day- to no avail... thanks for linking all of those- my hopes are renewed ;)

  3. I've been looking everywhere for one too! So far no luck, I'm not giving up!