Friday, July 31, 2009

A Case of The Mondays (Only It's Friday)

I am in a crappy mood.  I pretty much have been all week.  I'm a bit annoyed with my internship, just as it was starting an upswing in responsibility and we were settling into a content chirpy banter, BAM, monkey wrench.  

 A new intern arrived, which I knew would happen, what I was not aware of was that I would know her.  This particular intern goes to my school and is in my major and we have shared quite a few classes.  I'm, to be honest with you, not her biggest fan.  I'm sure she isn't mine either.  I find her very fake, she's very loud and honestly(this is no hate on any of you who share her taste) she has very pop taste in music and tends to lean towards the side of major labels.  I have worked my whole college career in indie music and it's a bit irritating to have someone around who thinks autotune is an acceptable tool of the music industry, I'm sorry I ramble.  

Anyways, beyond my professional disagreements with this girl I'm also personally not a fan of her and more specifically her best friend.  A good friend of mine and I transfered in with New Intern's best friend, we were all rather friendly.  My good friend even became quite close with, we'll call her Purple(New Intern's bestie).  My friend N ended up coming out to her only to have Purple tell everyone that N was a lesbian and that she had a huge crush on her, I know, are we in high school?  New Intern was also a part of this nasty rumor spreading so needless to say I don't think very highly of either one.  

This, my darling blog friends, is why I am in a crappy mood and am feeling over all rather uninspired.  I have lost a bit of motivation at work and I worry about her loudness outshining me.  I know, I know, keep on keepin' on Ace.  But it does begin to wear a bit thin.  I've been cheering myself up with copious amounts of online shopping which has resulted in a new pair of jeans, 2 new shirts, my beloved minnetonka boots and lots of new music.  Improves my mood, yes, however, not my bank account.  I would love any advice, encouragement, or what have you that you might have for me.  Thanks guys!

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  1. yay minnetonkas!

    with your very different career interests the two of you probably won't cross paths very often again. when is your internship over?