Tuesday, July 21, 2009


If I had the balls, I would cut my hair just like this and be a hot rocker chick.  If you don't know Brody Dalle she is from the now defunct band The Distillers.  It's awesome angry chick music but with some real musical chops if you're getting sick of your Kelly Clarkson and need something a little harder(come on pissed off girl, you know you're secretly listening to Since You Been Gone).  
She's in a new band which I haven't had a chance to listen to yet but they are called Spinnerette and I'm willing to bet are worth checking out.  I happen to think she is one of the hottest tough chicks out there and I am desperately envious of her messy, black locks.
The girl has it all going, big gorgeous lips, a hot hair style and a kick ass band.

Do you have an idol that you love but are just to chicken to pull off their style?

What I'm Listening To:

Dismantle Me- The Distillers


  1. yea, i kinda love the whole joan jett black spiky black hair thing...and if i was super gutsy i would totally shave my head ala empire records

  2. and to respond to your comments on my blog (thanks for those :) ) -

    i lived in paris last summer for about a month kind of near montmarte, i was doing a photography course. paris is truly amazing, i miss it so much!

    and as to the tattoo and buffy, i think its a kick ass tattoo..i mean buffy is my favorite show, pretty much anything by joss whedon is my favorite, so to get a tattoo for something that holds a lot of meaning and that you get alot of meaning out of i think makes sense. plus that script is beautiful and the saying is short and sweet

    oh and you should totally check out fear the movie, its so 90s, i can't help but love it :)