Friday, May 8, 2009

Stuff Like This Is Why I Moved...

Thanks to the wonderful Joanna Goddard of Cup of Jo blog I am now aware of one of the most glorious things I have ever heard.  The Domino Magazine Tag Sale.  Now, I loved Domino, it was the only magazine I read religiously and subscribed to.  Mind you, the month after I subscribed it tragically folded.  Thanks economy.  

But, this my friends is the silver lining.  The, what I assume are disgruntled, staff of Domino are selling off the lovely leftovers of the magazines prop department.  And for really cheap might I add!  Nothing is over $500 and most of it is under $10.  Yes, I said t-e-n.  Could I get a better welcoming to the big city?  When is it you say?  It is TOMORROW!  It starts at 10am and goes till 5 and is located in the garden apartment at 13 West 9th.  I'll see you all there!


  1. SO jealous--even my boyfriend asked me if we could find some last-minute flights for this!

  2. What? What?!!! Argh, you lucky ducks in NYC ;) Haha, I would be there at the crack of dawn. Show us what you find!

    ps- I have a soft spot for Gavin too (I usually don't listen to music like his) because "I discovered" him right before I went to study abroad in '03. So strangely enough, his songs remind me of a teeny city in the south of Spain. Weird, huh?

  3. ps- Even after seeing Gavin in concert in '03, I would get him mixed up with Jason Mraz- ha! And his music reminds me of Spain too! Ahhhh music memories!