Friday, May 1, 2009

Garage Sale Season

Garage sale season is my favorite.  Last year I managed to get to my hometown for garage sale weekend and picked up a cute white patio set for my front porch.  I love to grab a few girlfriends in the summer and head out to the suburbs like the lovely seaside town of Ipswich and hit the beach, grab some lunch and wine and head over to a few garage sales.  This day also generally involves an impromptu picnic in a field near my favorite organic, wind powered orchard and food shop.  Garage sales are always the best place to find cool odds and ends.  When I was a kid living in England they had a weekend "boot" sale where everyone would come to a big field and sale whatever they had out of the back of their car.  It was glorious.  

What I'm Listening To:

Girls of Summer- Aerosmith (guilty pleasure)


  1. ooh, i got the best glass jars from a garage sale awhile back! i keep them on my kitchen counter to hold all my tea.

  2. i miss garage sales. they dont really exist in bklyn. well i guess stoop sales are the equivalent, but it's not quite the same. you can't just find a whole ton of cheap ass stuff.