Monday, May 18, 2009

I Can't, But You Should

So, Little Miss Kitty Bear is brokety broke.  Not going to lie.  But that doesn't stop me from trolling ebay looking at all the pretty things.  Well let me tell you there is a serious cache of cute, adorable, covet-able rompers on ebay.  Some are too big for me, some too expensive, ok all too expensive.  But that doesn't mean you can't buy them!  I've posted the pics and links to my favs so get to bidding.  And if you win, send me a pic???

I'm actually having a mini love seizure looking at this one with it's perfect peter pan color and cutsie pockets and buttons.  Also, it's so gorgeously red!  This would be too cute with sweet little heels and a parasol!  It's a size 7/8.
mmm, I love polka dots.  This has a cute forties vibe, I would love it with some big glamorous sunglasses and a belt.  It's a size 9/10.
This one looks so comfy and perfect for lounging on the beach or hanging by the pool.  It's got teeny tiny stripes and cute white bands around the legs, arms and neck.  I also love the built in belt.
I happen to think that this is too cute.  I love pin up style and think it's so fresh and feminine.  This one is a size small and would look gorgeous with wedges and cute sunglasses.
I'm actually convulsing.  Seriously, will someone just buy this for me?  It's a size xs and the buttons are actually breaking my heart.  The neckline is cutesy and playful and the straps cross and button in the back.  So cute, I'm actually dying.

P.S.  There is a weardrobe romper contest going on right now! I'm so psychic.  Get thee to bidding, you could win a $50 UO giftcard!

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