Thursday, May 28, 2009

Right Now I Love: Red, White and Blue

So I was inspired by my little sailor pin up girl and frankly the fourth of July is one of my favourite holidays and while I know it's over a month away, it's never too early for shopping!  I've been trolling etsy again and since I'm still poor that means I will happily share my adorable finds with you.  These little bloomers are so sweet they are actually giving me a toothache.  I'm not sure what you would wear them with but aren't they just darling?
OK, obviously I love nautical stuff.  This little tank is another one that's just too cute.  I would love it with high waisted shorts or high waisted sailor pants.  Ahoy!
Are you feeling like a patriotic glamour puss?  This vintage 70's maxi dress is just the thing then.  You can't see in the picture all that well but it's polka dotted.  And of course the halter style is just so flattering.
Oh swingy little red dress.  Be still my heart.  Need I say more?

The 4th of July is actually the gentleman friend and I's anniversary but sadly he has a rather large family reunion to go to so we won't be spending it together.  Fear not though because I will be kept company by none other than Connor Oberst and the Mystic Valley Band and Jenny Lewis who are both doing a free concert in Central Park.  I intend to take my roommates, a picnic and a good deal of beer and enjoy my city.  What are your plans?


  1. Bloomers! I want them too! And I also have no idea how to wear them. Oversized white tee and a pair of grudge boots to take of the edge of sweetness?

  2. i'm crazy about those bloomers! they're so vargas!

  3. love that red dress :)

    my boyfriend is visiting over the july 4th weekend (the only time i'll see him until mid-august!) so we'll hopefully do something exciting. who knows?

  4. oh, those sailor top and shors are so incredibly lovely.
    and the red dress is.... so so so gorgeous!
    Pan's Holiday