Friday, May 29, 2009

The Motor(less) City

These pictures are from the blog The Motor(less) City which documents the many abandoned houses and businesses in what is swiftly becoming the ghost town of Detroit.  I don't know about you but whenever I drive by old beautiful houses that are just falling to ruin it breaks my heart a little bit.  I love old architecture so much I want to see it all restored and made beautiful again.  It seems pretty clear that the auto industry as we knew it(much the same as my own industry, music) will never be the same.  That said, the property prices in Detroit have got to be rock bottom.  I vote for a mass exodus to Detroit!  We can all buy big old houses and create a young and vibrant artists community with space for music, art, culture and more.  It's time to give Detroit it's renaissance.  Also, I want a big old house.

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Damn, Sam- Ryan Adams

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  1. ooh, i'm up for it! i'd love to live in a fixer-upper like that... until i had to, you know, pay to fix it up.