Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Ahoy, Sailor!

So this past week I told you I was going to the Shins and Delta Spirit show.  Let me start by saying the show was mind blowing.  It is always wonderful to see the wild and rock and roll Delta Spirit boys but it was a real treat to hear the Shins as well.  They are amazingly as good live as they are on CD!  That said, following the show, which ended rather early, my darling roommate and I did some upper west side wandering.  We amused ourselves by swinging on the swings in a near by park for awhile but as we were wandering back to the subway we saw a cheesy looking tex mex bar.  

The thought of nachos and corona on our minds we crossed the street and skipped on in.  To our immense surprise it was Fleet Week.  To those of you non-New Yorkers, Fleet Week is an annual NYC tradition.  It is the one week of the summer when all the Navy boys come to port for the week and general debauchery ensues.  This bar was packed to the gills with boys in spiffy white uniforms.  So we did what any two sensible New Yorkers would do, we grabbed some beers and parked it!  My roommate is single so my job for the night was wingwomaning, as if she needed it.  The place was like shooting fish in a barrel!  After a few lovely hours of beer pong and cheesy pictures of us in Navy hats we headed home, while the lovely boys tried to press crumpled phone numbers into our palms and the braver ones tried to follow us home.

Fleet Week is in my opinion a glorious week!  Sure, I can't bring home a sailor, but getting to say I played beer pong at fleet week is still pretty great.  If you can make it down single ladies, I highly recommend it.


  1. long live fleet week! i wish i was there. . . :)

  2. aw, i bet that was a memorable experience :) will you be living in new york after your internship wraps up?

  3. This makes me think of two things: Gene Kelly and Frank Sinatra (On the Town), and that episode of S&TC where Carrie hangs out with the fleet week mens--- so that's what I imagine your life to be like (ps very jealous btw ;). Oh yeah! And the Shins tooo!!! Too, too lucky!