Saturday, May 30, 2009

Cute Tips From College Fashion

So I'm sitting at work drinking my afternoon tea and, shhhh, trolling a few blogs while I work and the lovely Zephyr(what a cool name!) just did the cutest post on 25 Fashion Tips to Make You Smile.  I picked a few of my favs and included them here but go check out the article.  I always love the how to's on her site.

 Buy yourself something cheap and impractical at Forever 21. The cheaper and more impractical, the better - think bright pink, sequins, feathers, studs, or whatever embellishments you love. Ignore the fact that it might not last forever - have fun and live a little!

 If it’s raining, ditch your standard umbrella for a kid’s umbrella - they come in fun prints and colors and are the perfect size for one person. Even better, they’re cheaper than normal ones.

Dress up, blast music, and take photos of yourself. Ruthlessly delete the bad ones. Keep all the good ones and start a lookbook of you wearing your favorite outfits. Bonus points if you do this with old-school Polaroids.

On a rainy day, ditch your heels in favor of brightly colored rain boots. Proceed to splash in the puddles. Repeat.

 Grab a random item out of your closet, and no matter what it is, vow to “make it work.” Note the sense of accomplishment you feel once you get it right.

 Dress up. Not for an occasion, not for a job, not for anyone in particular. Do it because it’s fun and you want to. Life’s too short to blend in!

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  1. Ooo I love this list! I'm going to try to accomplish all these things this week... or maybe next week when I'm out of boxes (moving- argh ;) you know how it is!).