Monday, May 11, 2009

Flowers In Your Hair

So apparently an intern at Glamour didn't have time to do her curly hair so she whipped up this little do with no mirror in a couple of minutes.  Or so the interweb has told me.  I'm refusing to believe it because I could never achieve such a thing.  But doesn't it look just lovely?  And how nice to have all the hair off your face and neck for summer?  Maybe if you had a braiding inclined roommate(or identical twin sister Asian Cajuns) you could replicate this look.  Go on, I dare you, and send me pics so I can be jealous, I mean impressed.


  1. um yeah i dont think i could whip that up in minutes. but in the summer when its tres hot i do like to braid my hair into pigtails and then criscross them over the top of my head and pin into place.

  2. Hahaha! Cath and I haven't braided each other's hair since kindergarten (so sad, I know). Maybe your post will convince her otherwise!

    I love that photo, and am green with envy if said Glamor intern truly is so handy with braids on her own head. The closet think I get to it is messily piling hair on the top of my head and calling it a day. Maybe if I stick flowers in the knot it will look like this? haha ;)

  3. i'm not buying it! no mirror, a few minutes- please! i'd need six hands, two weeks, and a case of red bull to pull that off!