Sunday, November 1, 2009

Currently Channeling: Toast

I love the Toast catalogue. Love it. It always makes me want to run off to some pretty old farm house on a moor with a yet more pretty slightly shaggy man. The looks form this years catalogue is just as lovely as the seasons before.
I adore those little lace up shoes, and how sweet are all the wooly tights and boots? The sweater dresses aren't bad either.
I also love the wellies and the muted plaids. The layered shirts are pretty great, but that's never been a look I could pull off. It always feels very high school to me. But I am lusting after that pretty yellow coat in the top picture.

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  1. Sweet! Love it all.


  2. love these! i've never heard of them- thanks for the introduction. . .

    also: i love a girl who loves the labyrinth!