Sunday, November 15, 2009

Little Love

It's no secret that I love Hole and idolize Courtney Love quite a bit, yeh, boob flashing and all I think she's swell. As a rebellious child I loved hole, they were tough and in your face and looked super freaking cool. Plus, my mom called them "noise" thus solidifying their appeal.
I happen to think her style is pretty awesome, or was, these days it's a bit lack luster I know. But I loved those red lips, ripped tights and tarty babydoll dresses. She was the crowned queen of grunge. I can't deny the soft spot I still harbor for babydoll ditsy floral print dresses and the occasional clunky doc martin.
Her rebel without a cause streak was also pretty enviable and the fact that she didn't seem to care what people thought made my youthful offenders heart convulse.
It seems though that mama's little baby is following in her wild child footsteps, a good thing? I'm not so sure, but the girl looks pretty badass. I will admit to having a soft spot for alabaster skin, ebony locks and a ruby red mouth(I'm talking to you Dita). And this girl has all that going, and she's only 16! I suppose if you're the offspring of uber famous and yet more tragic grunge royalty you have no choice but to be pretty fierce.


  1. Ahh Courtney Love's daughter is 16?! Somehow that makes me feel old! But I agree with you- she is the queen (and her progeny the princess) of grunge.

  2. ahh i totally dig this entry!