Sunday, November 1, 2009

Newly(and officially) Single? Bring On the Leather...

Nothing says hot piece of confident, sexy, so-over-that-other-dude ass quite like leather. My new roommate has brought something lovely to the house...
A pair of leather leggings that I did not have to buy. I'll be honest, they aren' the sort of thing I would buy myself, but if they're laying around well hell, I'll indulge my inner rockstar. They are perfect for heading to the bar and picking up that cute, scruffy musician looking boy at the end of the bar. And yeh, ok, my confidence is a bit lacking and maybe they'll only allow me to muster up the courage to look at said cute boy, but hey, it's progress.

My only question is how would you wear your leather leggings? Tips for me anyone?

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