Sunday, November 22, 2009

Studio Virgin

The Halsey Sisters began recording last night, hooray. I'll admit that I was astoundingly nervous, but it's getting better. Granted, I had to turn the studio lights off. But all went well and we've got one song almost done, we're hoping to get a second done today. The only problem? I'm starting to lose my voice, so yours truly will be chugging tea all day! Now we're off to go pick up our brand spankin' new ukelele and possibly a tambourine. Wish us luck!

P.S. I want to be the girl above.

Currently Listening to:
Tiger- The Halsey Sisters


  1. i'm jealous. i've always wanted to be in a band but i never have friends who want to collaborate on the same kind of music as me.

  2. I can still hardly believe it myself actually. I always wanted to be in a band, but I was insecure about my musical abilities. I knew I was good at classical music and competitions but I never felt comfortable writing or sharing my lyrics and music with someone else. I was lucky enough to fall into it with my friend, who also had same desires and insecurities and we just decided to go ahead and go for it. The positive response has been so flattering I hardly know what to do with myself. Given, it's hard to write when we're in different cities, but it's definitely something I can look forward to and be excited about.

  3. good luck! i can't imagine how excited you must be! relish it. . . <3