Friday, June 11, 2010

The Prodigal Daughter Returns

It's been a long absence and I apologize. I have been rigorously searching for a job in NYC and settling in to my parents lake house. Well the kitties and I are settled, more or less. Granted our stuff is strewn about the upstairs of the cabin, but we're making due.

I've got a working car, home cooked meals every night and the accompanying elliptical necessitated by said meals. Sadly, no "grown up" job yet. But I had an interview at Sony not too long ago and I've got a second one in about 2 weeks, keep your fingers crossed for me.

In the meantime I'm temping at my dad's office and continuing to send out resumes. I'm hoping to start volunteering at a local animal shelter as well and I'm looking into taking a dance class. I'm also looking into working part time or interning at a local radio station to pad my resume while I keep looking for work in NYC.

In other(good) news my best friend may in fact be coming with me to Brooklyn. We're both applying for work, her in restaurant PR and me in music and crossing our fingers. We're also having visions of a cute prewar apartment hopefully with a yard and a whole bunch of second hand furniture as well as my two kitties plus her dog and kitty. My what a family!

I am also beginning to think abotu having a new dog in my life. Losing my little bear was really really difficult and I'm far from over it but I'm also feeilng very lonely and purposeless without a dog in my life. As it turns out a friend of my mom's has a little dog that she needs to find a new home for named Coco. I'm thinking about fostering him for awhile, maybe he's not for me, but either way it would be nice to help.

Anyways, I'm also doing this thing, I believe it's called dating. Since B and I broke up I haven't really dated anyone seriously. I dated my ex boss, kind of, but it was never anything serious. The closest I got to something real was dating a friend of mine who as it turned out was not much of a friend afterall. So now I am cautiously dipping a toe in the dating pool. That is to say, I am not dating anyone. But I'm open to it, I'm just not seeking it out so much. That said the thought of dated outfits does get me all a twitter...

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  1. Welcome back, Ace! We did miss you!
    I'm crossing my fingers for you for a perfect job (and the perfect place for you and your bestie ;).
    Lurve that dating outfit! The perfect thing to wear as you cautiously dip a toe in.
    Happy Friday!!!