Friday, June 18, 2010

Lulu Has The Keys To My Wallet is trying to swindle me out of my hard earned cash, and they're doing a damn good job. Their dresses, and you know I have a weakness for dresses, are glorious! This first one I wasn't sold on until I read the name of it. It's called the "Best Revenge" dress. How fabulous is that?! It's got studs and sexy all wrapped up into one. And I know a little someone who deserves this exact kind of revenge.I seriously love cut out back and the little heart cut out on this is so sweet I don't even think I would mind the inevitable funny tan lines.
I'm convulsing, this dress is too lovely. I have a weakness for red dresses and this one is delightful! It exposes all the lovely bits, like legs and back, without looking one bit trashy. J'adore.
What a lovely dress, and I happen to have the perfect plum colored patent leather mary janes to go with it. I'm just saying.
This is another great work dress, it's classy but whimsical which more or less describes my work style(odd?) . I'm like a fairytale for the corporate world.
Ok, this charming piece of fabric is the perfect park dress. Also it has a cut out back. Hurray! You could wear it to work with a cardi and then head out for sunshiney post work drinks.
This is called the drive in movie dress and will someone please buy it for me? It combines several of my favourite things, red, that impossibly flattering high waisted skirt and a cut out back and my personal fav, pockets!! I'm in love!


  1. great picks! lulus might have the keys to my wallet, too haha:) i love the heart cutout dress and also the drive in movie dress. too cute!

  2. I love all these too, Ace! Are you gonna get one? I'm sooo trying to be good to my poor wallet, but these are gorgeous.
    Hope you have a wonderful, wonderful weekend!

  3. that heart dress is MINE! i want it!

  4. So far I have not spent. Butttt if this interview goes well I'm going to deserve a treat in some form,and I'm really loving the drive in movie dress. I mean, it combines all my favourite things, pockets, red, full skirts and cut out backs.