Sunday, June 13, 2010


Thought I'd share a quick picture from my graduation. That's right, I'm officially a big girl. My family came in, there was walking and diplomas and frankly, I was exhausted! Andddd, I nearly slept right through my 8am meet time and had to book it, wet hair and all, to the TD Bank Garden for the graduation. Thank god for my trusty blue bike Daisy who got me there in the nick of time. Now if only she could find me a job!

What I'm Listening To:

History From Below- Delta Spirit


  1. yay! now get a job and move back to ny :-) good luck!

  2. Oh believe me I am working on it! The pickin's are slim but I'm pulling every little trick out of my sleeve.

  3. congrats! i hope that you were wearing your black robe on the way there. i love imagining it billowing out behind you as you peddle like mad for the garden. .. .

  4. Actually yes, that is exactly how it went. I was also trying not to fall as I attempted to keep my silly square hat from liberating itself from my bikes basket.