Tuesday, June 15, 2010


This is a post about the frivolous things. As I believe I have made clear I am bound and determined to get back to NYC(and when I get there my fellow NYC bloggers will be bound and determined to come get a celebratory drink with me). I am in the mean time biding my time with an office job and a long list of resumes but I can't help but dream about my fancy life in NYC. Now, I know I will be broke, but that doesn't mean I can't be fabulous. So this is a post about all the extras, the etc.'s the little bits more. The things that we don't really neeeeeed per say. Sure, without them the earth will continue to turn, the sun will shine and the stars will sparkle but would it turn, shine and sparkle just a little bit more with them?

Frilly tap pants and turquoise hot pants, why? I don't know, because.

Charming mustard yellow shorts that are just a bit too twee.

Tortoise shell cat eye sunglasses, I'm indulging my inner screen siren.

A black leather hoodie to indulge my inner bad ass.

Lacy black lingerie, to indulge my inner vixen.

Heart shaped sunglasses, these are actually a must for me, I own several frivolous pairs.

Beautiful dresses, one that's all too sweet, one that's so exotic and one that lets me sparkle.

Red ballet flats with a lightening bolt to indulge my inner super hero(excellent for interviews when you need a little oomph).

Drop dead have to have it gorgeous jewelry to indulge my inner queen.

Red heels with a sweet little bow, 2 parts sweet, one part saucy.


  1. celebratory drinks in williamsburg for sure. god i miss living there...might be moving back at the end of the summer.

  2. Yay!! Where are you living now hun?

  3. i live for delusional window (online) shopping! i actually have that F21 dress in navy on my wish list there.

  4. park slope. love the park, could take or leave the rest of the neighborhood.

  5. Katie tell me about it, that dress is darling! I would wear it with impossibly high mary janes. And then I would fall. But in an impossibly cute way.

    Julia, yeh, my dad grew up in park slope, it's a gorgeous neighborhood but wayyy too pricey for me. I do adore the park though, especially the botanical garden. My best friend and I will probably be looking in Bushwick, Bed Stuy, that area. Something cheap, hopefully brownstone and if I could get a yard I could die a happy future dog owner.