Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Thou Shalt Not Covet: American Eagle

I am hereby declaring my love for American Eagle.  They are reasonably priced, cute and most importantly, they fit my midgity frame.  American Eagle jeans are one of the few brands that I don't have to have hemmed and for that reason I am very loyal to them.  This seasons "crop" of options  are great!  I adore these red cuffed boyfriend chinos.  They come in a whole bunch of colors and they are perfectly casual with a cute t shirt and flip flops.  The tank dress is equally as simple, perfect for the beach or in my case for traipsing around Brooklyn on beastly hot days.  The shorts are the same color as the pants and are equally as adorable, I loveee colored shorts.  And finally, the perfect jeans.  Skinny, but not too skinny, dark but still worn in and in a rise that doesn't remind me of Britney Spear's thong baring days.  What brand do you love?  Do you have one you've been loyal to for years?
P.S.  All of these are under $50!


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  2. american eagle is great for basics... their jeans are also perfect for me. i'm so glad that not everything of theirs is covered in logos!

  3. Ooo I'll have to give them a try. I usually scoot by them in the mall because it's a leeeettle preppy for me- but I'll totally cave for the fit and the price!