Saturday, April 11, 2009

No Sleep Till Brooklyn

It's official, the Kitty Bear Chronicles have accepted an internship and are moving to the big city.  Myself and my little furry companions move in about a month to New York where I will be working in music PR and artist management for a truly fantastic company.  I will more than likely be living in Brooklyn, so if you or your Brooklyn dwelling friends are looking for a fun new roomie then feel free to leave me a comment!  Also, the set above is my fancy new job set and if someone feels like buying me that sweet modcloth dress(it has a cutout back!) then I would not say no.  Anyways, stay tuned for Kitty Bear adventures in good old New York.  By the way, got a cool spot you want me to check out?  Tell me!  I love beer gardens, thrift shops, record stores and a good slice of pizza.

What I'm listening to:
New York, New York- Ryan Adams

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