Monday, April 27, 2009


Call me crazy but I love dandelions.  I think they are the most ignored of the wild flowers.  What's so wrong with dandelions?  They're happy yellow, wildly abundant just about everywhere and they don't cost a thing(also no one cares if you pick them).  I've currently got a lovely bouquet of dandelions sitting in a tea pot on my happy yellow kitchen table and I think they look just lovely.  So don't turn your nose up at these little posies, go on, pick a bunch and enjoy.

P.S.  Wild flowers are a great way to go green!

What I'm Listening To:

Dandelion- The Rolling Stones

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  1. You are a genius! I completely agree! I love that photo too- Wild Flowers + Mason Jars = perfection! I'm going dandelion hunting this afternoon ;) Green and recessionista-friendly!