Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Bike Chic: Be A Lady

If you were hanging out on Boston's Tremont St. last night you would have seen me and my lovely gentleman friend doing just this.  I love that it's a bit silly, a bit dangerous, gets you funny looks and is totally fun.  You also get to practice your lady like ankle twist.  Now if only I could be riding through a pretty piazza like the one in the picture!
What I'm Listening To:
Gimme Some Salt- Clap Your Hands Say Yeah


  1. My bf recently bought a motorcycle- I wonder if I could do the same on the bake of his bike- with a helmet of course ;)

  2. see i'm that person who wouldn't do it because it's dangerous ;-) i'm a scaredycat. (i'm new to your blog. hello!)

  3. Just saw Clap Your Hands in concert the other week - I love them!

    - Catherine :)

  4. Motorcycles scare me, I think they're awesome, but scary. However, chicks on motorcycles never fail to look hot.