Thursday, September 24, 2009

Well Meaning Chaos Revisited

Breaking up means getting a new room. I've decided that staying in the room I had shared with my ex would be a cruel sort of joke on my fragile psyche. So instead I'm switching it up entirely. I have a two bedroom apartment but as I have mentioned before there is a sitting/dining room in the front of the house that is almost never used. The truth is we never found a good use for it. However, it is by far the most lovely room in the house with big windows that over look my beloved park and it's also the biggest room in the house. This room shall be my room. I'm putting curtains on the doors still I can get actual doors and though it doesn't have a closet my loving mother has offered to come in and help me come up with a solution.
A new room of course means new decorating. This room is, more than any other room since my relationship started, my room. And I want it to reflect that. I want it to be a sanctuary and I want to feel like a queen in my room. This all got me thinking about the aforementioned topic of well meaning chaos. I think that's exactly what my new room needs. I want clusters of pictures that mean something to me, I want lots of soft, plush surfaces and piles of well worn books. My theme is of course going to be modern Moroccan with a bohemian tilt. I'm thinking spicy colors with splashes of turquoise, lots of soft fabrics like velvet and silk and a cozy little reading nook next to my desk. I'll keep you posted on the progress, cause I have to say I'm actually really really excited about this. I'm also really excited about having two new roommates to make the place home with. Have any of you gone through a tough breakup? How did you make your life/home feel like your own again? What did you do to help you cope and get better?

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Annie and the Bee Keepers- Pirate Ship


  1. last time i went through a break up we didn't live together, so i can't give you advice there. but i relished in being able to stay up as late as i wanted with no one to yell at me to get in bed. and i filled a lot of time with friends, just getting out there, breathing deeply, realizing how much fun was out there that didn't have to do with the ex.

  2. i wish i could help you on the breakup front, but i have never been through anything of the sort. i know you will get through it though. just by this transformation, you are already starting.

    by the way, what lovely rooms! i love love love turquoise. SO exciting! it's so fun to decorate a new space and make it your own. by moving so many times (5 houses within 20 minutes of each other in the past 9 years - my mom likes change), i can certainly relate to that!

  3. nothing cures the breakup blues better than bad movies, chinese food, and friends to enjoy them both with so it sounds like you're on the right track. i am also a fan of spending the evening with a large stack of magazines and a pint of ice cream. geez, that sounds so cliche but it's true!
    a new beautiful room will help a lot too. i can tell you're feeling better already!

  4. Oh I can just see me, my friends and certainly a bunch of magazines and ice cream in my new room. As sad and harsh as this all has been I really feel, as cliche as it sounds, that this is going to be a really exciting new chapter in my life and I'm definitely very excited about that. I also got asked on my first date in almost 3 years. I'm not really into the guy, he's a friend who's also recently single, but there's no harm in spending some time with someone new. Besides, it's quite flattering!