Sunday, September 27, 2009

Ink Love

"Beth Loster, 24, a San Francisco writer and waitress was a student at UC Berkeley when she met a young man who said, "Hey, we have tattoos in the same font."
The text of her tattoo - "clad in the panoply of love" - came from "Science & Health" by Mary Baker Eddy. His tattoo, also in a "typewriter" typeface, was in Latin. (She can't recall the translation.)
The text of Loster's next tattoo was written by that young man, who had become her boyfriend. Before leaving for South America, where he was going to study, he left a note on her refrigerator that began, "this is on account of my loving you forever." That phrase - in the form of a tattoo - offered her comfort when he was killed in a car accident in Brazil."

This story is so sad but so beautiful, I thought I would share it with you.


  1. Heart-wrenchingly beautiful and so sad! And any guy who wanted to compare font faces would have me swooning ;)
    Your new header makes me wish I could get my nails lookin' that good and that red!

  2. It makes me wish it too! I thought I needed a new more bad ass header. This one fit the bill.