Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Ink Love: Light As A Feather

All this breakup nonsense has really got me thinking about my tattoos and which one to get next. I've decided to go home to my tattoo guy who has done my other two for the sake of familiarity and trust that I have for him. I was after all in his wedding. I still really want to get "Mad To Live" tattooed on my ribs, but I'm also really loving the five by five tattoo and what it means in the wake of this really tough but transformative time. In the mean time I'm satiating myself with pictures of gorgeous tattoos like all of the fine feathery lovelies. What do you think?
What a lovely tattoo, it's so intricate! While we're on the topic of birds I figured I would share a few feather tattoos as well. This one, with the small portrait is just gorgeous.
This is so cute, I wish I knew the story behind it. Perhaps she's a writer? It must have hurt something awful though.
A big feather on the side, it moves nicely with her body don't you think?
I love peacock feathers! A friend of mine has one of her ribs that is forever sticking out of her gorgeous maxi dresses. It always makes her seem like a mysterious exotic queen.

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